Monday, April 25, 2022

Urban Tree Canopy


"The forest is for me a temple - a cathedral of tree canopies & dancing light." - Dr. JaneGoodall

Urban tree canopy is a measurement which includes the layer of leaves, branches and stems of trees that shelter the ground when viewed from the top. This is expressed as a percentage of ground area that is covered by tree crowns. Trees provide numerous benefits to our ecosystem such as:

  • Removal of pollutants from the air, soil and water.
  • Release of water vapour into the atmosphere cools the surroundings there by reducing the heat and causing rainfall in urban areas
  • Reduction of storm water runoff there by reducing the costs related to infrastructure maintenance.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and due to shade provided energy usage is reduced.
Tree preservation, tree planting and improving tree health contribute to a sustained or enhanced urban tree canopy. Site clearances during development and natural disasters such as wild fires as well as storms drastically reduce the tree canopy. Stringent measures must be taken to ensure that canopy cover is maintained over the long term as tree canopy takes a while to build.

A tryst with nature #urbantreecanopy

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